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  • Free version of Express Scribe
  • Microsoft Word


Do you want a career where you can earn over $15-$25 an hour working part-time from home? Then consider becoming a transcriptionist.

Transcription work is still in demand for companies who need their interviews, focus groups, podcasts, etc, transcribed. There are many ways to work as a transcriptionist, but I recommend starting out your career by subcontracting for transcription companies.

How to Become a Transcriptionist will teach you everything you need to know about working with and getting hired by well-paying transcription companies.

With this course, you’ll go from a transcription newbie to a confident transcriptionist with skills that transcription companies will hire you for.

This comprehensive course is designed to help you:

  • Jumpstart your transcription career by teaching you how to avoid low-paying jobs, showcasing the minimal equipment you need without breaking the bank, and explaining how to apply to companies

  • Strengthen your typing and grammar skills to become a more efficient transcriptionist

  • Practice transcribing short audio files with Express Scribe so you’re ready to apply to transcription companies

  • Create a transcription-specific cover letter and resume – even if you don’t have prior transcription experience

  • Know how to manage the business side of transcription as a subcontractor


    Learn how to grow your transcription career and increase your earnings


Apply to transcription companies with confidence

Beginning a new career may feel overwhelming. You may want to earn money from home but aren’t sure if transcription is a good fit for you or wonder how much of an investment it takes to start. You may wonder if you have the right skills or experience.

The truth is that starting out as a transcriptionist is hard work. You need to dedicate time to practicing transcription before you’ll be ready to apply to companies. But once you take the time and effort to build your skills and understand what companies are looking for, you’ll be confident when applying to companies and starting your career.

The tutorials in this course will cover:

  • An introduction to the transcription industry

  • Using Express Scribe to download, play, and work with audio

  • Transcribing audio and editing the transcript

  • Setting up Microsoft Word’s AutoCorrect to create text expanders

  • Working with style guides

  • Best practices for creating transcription resumes and applying to transcription companies

  • The ins and outs of being a subcontractor and increasing your income

  • Three practice audio files with answers

  • Bonus material

Who is this course for:

  • Students who want to earn money from home and are willing to put in the time to grow their skills
  • Although anyone can increase their grammar and editing skills, students with prior secretarial or editing experience will find themselves a great fit for transcription

Fees - Rs.999.00 Only.

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